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Echostar XXIII launch by SpaceX

Echostar XXIII launch by SpaceX

May I present shots of the #EchoStar23 launch by #SpaceX atop a legless #Falcon9 rocket, taken directly from Pad 39A. These shots are from two cameras that I set on Monday, and the cameras sat patiently waiting until 2:00 am (ET) Thursday morning to capture these images.

Although I get to process and post these pictures, it would be a glorious oversight for me to not acknowledge the considerable efforts by Bill Jelen and Mary Ellen Jelen for making these images possible. They checked in on the cameras Tuesday afternoon; they waited for a chance to pick them up at 5:00 am Thursday morning, ultimately returning to the Pad Thursday afternoon for pick up and then sent me the files for processing. Also, Jared Haworth gets a shout-out for the dew heaters that kept the lenses warm and for ever-present guidance.

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