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Ghost boat and the stars

Ghost boat ("Cuki") at night.

In the continuing saga of the "Cuki," the 45-foot sailboat washed ashore in Melbourne Beach, Florida, I present this image from Wednesday evening.

Unhappily, the boat has become a target for looters. When I arrived, Ian Gronsky had chased off a guy and his teenage son who were trying to make off with the canopy, and it seems several things (including the mannequins!!) are missing.

Please note that because it is still sea turtle nesting season, lights are prohibited on beaches until after October 31. I planned to shoot in the dark, but Ian called the police to deal with the looters, and the police used big flashlights to check out the scene. And, the top of the mast isn't discolored, but rather it is orange from the cast of the streetlights from the road/parking lot behind me, and the mast is just tall enough to reflect the light that shines over the berm that separates the beach from the road. (Some of the lines are reflecting electing it as well.)

This image is a merge of 78 30-second exposures (ISO3200, f8) to show the movement of the stars, and then I had one frame from when I was setting up and framing the shot that was shot at ISO800 and f5.6 for 54-seconds that captured the officer's flashlight sweeping over the boat. Initial edits were done in Lightroom, and the stacking was done in Photoshop.

(Photo by Michael Seeley)

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