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What does one plane, a rocket body, a beached sailboat and the International Space Station all have in common?

They all appear in this #SpotTheStation image.

With apologies to the man and woman I unintentionally chased away from the boat, this is a single, 170-second exposure taken tonight (February 13, 2018) in Melbourne Beach, Florida.

The plane is the faint dashed line that runs from the top right cloud toward the stern of the boat.

The rocket body is the faint line pointed toward 7 o'clock in the top left corner of the frame, to the left of the rather bright star (itself also a streak, due to the rotation of the Earth). According to, this is the OAO 1 rocket, an Atlas SLV-3 Agena D launched on April 8, 1966, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

The sailboat, at this point, needs no explanation. The "Cuki" is one of my favorite subjects, still beached after Hurricane Irma.

And, flying over the mast of the sailboat, the brightest, longest streak in the frame, is the International Space Station.

When I arrived at the boat about 5 minutes before the pass, there was a couple seated on chairs near the bow of the boat. I was hurried and didn't take the time to let them know that I wasn't photographing them per se, nor did I explain that they might have made neat subjects if they stayed put. They split and may well have been perturbed to have been bothered. (Sorry.)

Photo details:
ISO500, 170-seconds, f5.6 with a Rokinon 14mm on a Canon 5D4. Post-processing involved trying to mitigate the pesky clouds with a fair amount of detail work in Lightroom and Color Efex4.

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