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Spot The Station + Milky Way

An early #SpotTheStation this morning, as it flew over the Space Coast of Florida. This was the scene from Bull Creek Wildlife Management Area, as seen in a 2-shot composite.

The first frame is a 25-second exposure of the Milky Way, and the second frame (taken 5-seconds after the first ended) is 160-seconds of the International Space Station flying toward the surprisingly cloudy SE horizon.

Interestingly, the MS-08 Soyuz carrying NASA’s Ricky Arnold and Drew Feustel, and Russia’s Oleg Artemyev launched yesterday from Khazakstan. They chase the ISS until they dock tomorrow, which likely means the Soyuz is in this streak as well. I was running second camera set to a tight zoom of a section of the sky, hoping to catch a second streak near the ISS streak, but I only captured one streak. My current thinking is that either the Soyuz was too dimly lit to be distinguishable from the ground, or the (apparent) trajectory was too close to to the ISS's. If the latter is believable, then that technically means there are two streaks in this image. (I welcome opinions from any of my smart and more experienced friends, including pronouncements that I'm just plain wrong.)

There is another object in the sky, barely visible behind the tall tree on the right. I haven't taken the time to figure out what that is just yet.

And, if you weren't up for the pass this morning, fret not, Space Coast: there is another pass tonight 8:59 pm that should be very visible.

Milky Way: ISO4000, 25-seconds at f2.8
ISS Streak: ISO500, 160-seconds at f5.6
Shot with a Canon 5D4 and a Rokinon 14mm wide-angle lens. Initial edits were done in Lightroom and composite was done in Photoshop. Final edits in Dfine 2 (noise reduction) and then Color Efex4 (detail extractor).

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