SBIRSGEO4 by United Launch Alliance - Michael Seeley: Photos of Stuff
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SBIRSGE04 by United Launch Alliance

I was disappointed to find that one (out of 2) remote cameras I set out at LC-41 for the #AtlasV #SBIRS launch last night didn't fire. When I picked the rig up, the trigger was set to "lightning mode" efficiently causing it to sit idle while just 700 feet away, a rocket (and solid rocket booster) ignited and launched. (You'd think the sheer volume alone would cause the camera to even accidentally take a picture...)

At this point, I blame myself, as it was a hastily cobbled together remote (and I may or may not have read the new-to-me trigger instructions), and I didn't have a dew heater on it anyway. When I picked it up, the lens had a thick layer of dew that would have rendered the shot likely unusable.

When I reviewed the images on the card, the last image taken by the camera was this test shot I took Wednesday night by tapping on the enclosure (the point where I might have inadvertently switched the trigger to lighting mode, actually) to trigger the sound activated trigger. I was dismissive of the shot last night, but now I'm somewhat drawn to it. The golden hour light was lovely, and these two guys from ULA walking toward the rocket give the whole thing a sense of scale. These guys get to work on rockets -- how cool is that?

TL;DR: My camera sat outside for over 48 hours for no particular reason.

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