Bangabandhu1 by SpaceX - Michael Seeley: Photos of Stuff
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Bangabandhu1 Block5 Falcon9 by SpaceX

One second

In what will likely be my last #Bangabandhu launch image, I present a sequence taken from may pad remote camera, positioned 1,300 feet from the #SpaceX #Block5 #Falcon9 rocket, launched from LC39A on May 11, 2018. As the title suggests, the photos span just one second as the rocket lifted off the pad.

The Block5 rocket is very easy on the eyes; the black landing legs and interstage are just plain cool. I like the higher logo, but it did cause me to find an L-bracket for this remote, so I could shoot vertically and manage to (barely) keep the logo in the shot.

(Photos by Michael Seeley / We Report Space)

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