CRS-15 by SpaceX - Michael Seeley: Photos of Stuff
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CRS-15 by SpaceX

So this was a lucky shot, one of two taken by a sound-activated camera set at the pad approximately 12 hours before the #SpaceX #CRS15 #Falcon9 rocket would launch.

It was very rainy when we were setting up the cameras, which was a problem, but the biggest challenge (for me at least) was not knowing exactly where the rocket would be, as it was horizontal when we were there.

So, I pointed the zoom lens at where I thought the rocket would be and crossed my fingers. For the focus, I realized that I still had my focus ring taped from the last Falcon9 launch. Since I was setting the camera in approximately the same location, I just left the focus ring where it was.

Frankly, I'm surprised I had anything in the frame...

(Photo me / We Report Space) — at Kennedy Space Center.

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