CRS-15 by SpaceX - Michael Seeley: Photos of Stuff
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CRS-15 by SpaceX

This was the pad shot I was hoping for: a wide view of the #SpaceX #CRS15 #Falcon9 rocket, with the very bright 98.5% illiminated (and one day post Full) Moon looking down on the scene.

What I hadn't counted on was the enormous LOX cloud blanketing the ground. Initially I was a disappointed by the lack of definition in the foreground, but now it's grown on me.

For reference, I used a cool, similar shot by Ben Cooper; this shot has certainly been done before, and Ben's shot is really great. Also of note, Bill Jelen did an amazing sequence, with the Moon marching toward the pad in 5-minute increments before the launch.

And, no, this is not a composite. I realize the Moon looks like it was placed in the frame after the shot, but it really was that bright at the time of launch.

(Photo me: We Report Space) — at Kennedy Space Center.

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